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Sweden is competitive, has lively crowds and is a perfect place to go if you're starved of football in the summer.

Yes, the Swedish league is far north enough to want to avoid the chilly winters and play the beautiful game during the summer months, and quite right too.


Although success in Europe at club level has been sparse in recent years, the national side continues to perform well and all those star Swedish names began their careers in the Swedish leagues.


So come April onwards head to the country where even the evening games are played in the light - Sweden.


Top leagues:
Allsvenskan (UEFA co-efficient 24)
Average attendance 2012: 7,210
20 teams.
Champions into Champions League, 2nd, 3rd and cup winners in Europa League. Bottom 2 relegated, third bottom side goes into play off with third team in Superetten
League website:

Average attendance 2012: 2,456
16 teams. Top two promoted, third team plays off with third bottom team in Allsvenskan.

League website:


Season: April to October

Kick off times: Allsvenskan, a game on Saturday night, most games Sunday late afternoon and early evening. Superetten games kick off around 4pm on Saturday.